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Leachman Angus Ranch
202 Muddylane Rd
Toston, MT 59643

Eric & Marlo Leachman
home: (406) 266-3116

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Strong virile bulls with large testicles at a young age are a must. They have to be sound on their feet and legs to cover the big ranges of Montana and surrounding areas. In addition, these herd sires must possess superior performance traits for birth weight, weaning weight gain, and yearling weight, as well as being backed by generations of EPDs that support these traits. All this has to be in a package that is acceptable to the public and is easy fleshing with even temperament.

The strong influence the herd bulls play is in part the reason that, over a period of years, 95 percent of the herd carries their genetic makeup. It is imperative as we change in our herd that we do not lose sight of the overall completeness and usefulness of the animals we are creating. At Leachman Angus, we are proud of the heritage of the bulls that stand behind the cow herd. We feel it is surpassed by no one in the industry. The totalness in his own performance, his semen quality, his fertility, his temperament, and disposition — his overall net worth to the beef industry is unmatched.

We are proud of the fact that all the bulls on this page and the next page were raised and used in our program, but more importantly, they all went through our "BUSINESS BULL" sales. They have gone on to do well for their new owners, with many of them being leased to major bull studs, and are making a large contribution to the Angus breed and the entire beef industry.

THE DIRECTION — It’s quality conscious